One day navigation for trail runners course:
Do you run off-road but have to stick to marked routes because your map-work skills are lacking? Would you like to venture further afield but don't have the skills or confidence to plan a route?  Or are your navigation skills simply rusty and you'd like to brush them up? Then this one day course is for you!

Over the course of the day, we'll work on map reading skills, route planning, what to do if you are lost and much more! Working in a beautiful and varied environment, we'll be out on the trails all day, gaining confidence in navigation as we run. There will be challenges to meet and problems to solve, and most of all, it will be fun!

£40 per person

Nest date: tbc

One day 'introduction to trail running':
This one day, small group (max size 6) session will help you start on your journey as a trail runner. We'll head out for a run on the trails, pausing along the way to work on skills such as hill-running technique and navigation. By the end of the day, you'll have acquired enough knowledge, skills and confidence to venture out on your own, and have made some new trail-running friends too! £40 per person.

Next dates - tbc

Once we have received your payment, you will be sent full joining instructions for the day, as well as a pre-course questionnaire to complete.

'Stronger, faster' one hour workshop

This one-hour, small group (max size 10) session will teach you a range of simple, body-weight based strength and conditioning exercises, focusing on the key muscle groups and movements used when you run. By the end of the hour, you'll have acquired a repertoire of moves that you can do yourself at home, with no special equipment needed. Whether you are an experienced runner or just taking up the sport, this workshop will help you become a stronger runner, a faster runner, and less prone to injury.

£10 per person

More summer / autumn dates coming soon!



Are you new to trail running and not sure how to get started? Is there a particular aspect of your off-road running that you would like to improve? Or have you got an event lined up that will require you to develop a new skill or technique for the first time? Then Mud and miles can help! 

We offer trail running skills and technique sessions in Newark-on-Trent and beyond for small groups of adults, focusing on those aspects of running that will help you run more effectively on both trails and open ground. We offer a variety of one-off sessions, ranging from one-hour workshops to whole day introductions to trail running, with a focus on physical skills, such as uphill and downhill running, as well as the wider skills needed for trail running, such as navigation. Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are suitable for runners of all abilities, so whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you will be helped to improve.

Sessions running over the next few months can be seen below. In addition, we are able to run private workshops for groups of runners. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.