There's nothing quite like reading about the lives and adventures of other runners to make you want to put your running shoes on and head out of the door. That is especially true when it comes to off-road runners. Whether they run on trails in local woods or paths through high mountains, their dedication to their sport and their hard work and endurance shine through. Here are some of Mud and miles' recommendations for reading that will fire up your running genes.

'This mum runs' byJo Pavey

"Feet in the Clouds: a Tale of Fell-running and Obsession" by Richard Askwith - a gripping tale of one man's journey from runner on the streets of London to hard-core fell runner. This is Mud and miles favourite running book of all time. If you don't yet want to run off-road, you will by the time you have finished this!

"Runner" by Lizzy Hawker- the story of one of Britain's finest female ultrarunners, telling the story of her numerous runs at the Ultra Tour de Mont Blanc , and from Everest Base Camp to Kathmandu. Lizzy's capacity for endurance and her love of wild places shine through, making this a fascinating read. 

"Just a Little Run Around the World"by Rosie Swale-Pope - one woman's tale of her incredible 20,000 mile, five-year run around the world, pulling everything she needed in a small cart behind her, and wearing out 53 pairs of running shoes. An amazing insight into what the human body and mind can overcome and do.

"Ultramarathon Man" by Dean Karnazes - the intriguing tale of a man who discovered he could just run and run and run. Another fascinating insight into just what the human body can be capable of.

Elise Downing - the blog and vlogs of the amazing young woman who is currently running the entire coastline of England, Scotland and Wales. Engaging tales of cake, encounters with cows and the people she meets along the way.