These distinctive looking sandals caught my eye a while ago, but as always, priority went to buying new running shoes instead. After all, that’s what runners do, isn’t it? Fast forward a few months and I found myself with a torn calf muscle, wondering what on earth I could wear on my feet once crutches were no longer needed to get around. Comfort underfoot, a natural shaped footbed and footwear that would not pull on my calf or Achilles were top of my shopping list. Remembering Oofos, I researched their benefits and found lots of happy customers who were using them to ease the symptoms of Plantar Faciitis, but little to suggest that anyone had used them to aid recovery from calf injury. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying; a sandal with such great reviews could surely do me no harm?

After two weeks as the owner of a Bermuda blue pair of Oofos, I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable footwear I have ever had the pleasure of putting on my feet. Ever. Wearing them is like wearing giant marshmallows on my feet. They are soft, yet firm and supportive, made from a foam that cushions and cradles and cares. Their unique one-piece construction means that there are no seams or joins to rub, not even around the toe-post. The shape and contours of the footbed feel moulded to my feet, and the minimal angle of drop between the heel and the toes is perfect; it supports my Achilles and calf, whilst at the same time giving them a very gentle stretch. Any shock through the foot is completely absorbed. On the sole, the sandal is slightly curved, encouraging a rolling motion when walking around. Although this took a few minutes for me to get used to, it now feels very natural indeed.

So are there any downsides to this foot-comforting sandal? Well, yes, but they are quite personal to me. Firstly, the choice of colours in the women’s designs are not really to my taste. I rarely wear black on my feet unless it’s for a smartly dressed occasion, and I’m not a fan of either pastel colours or pink. Preferring something bright, that left me with the choice of Bermuda blue or Bermuda blue, which, fortunately, I love. Secondly, the treads in the bottom of the sandal are a perfect fit for the pea gravel in my garden, resulting in stone removal being needed every time I come into the house from outside. Finally, my Oofos present me with a conundrum; what on earth will I do in the winter? Will Oofos be producing woolly socks that fit their sandals so that those of us that love them to bits can wear them all year round? Or will I just have to get used to cold feet?

In a nutshell, I love my marshmallow sandals. From a scientific point of view, I cannot definitively say whether they are helping my torn calf muscle recover or not. What I can say is that they certainly feel as if they are benefiting my recovery. The comfort and support they provide, and the walking motion they promote, feel just right, even when worn all day (and believe me, I have worn them pretty much all day, every day!) And, if nothing else, seeing my Oofos sitting in a box waiting to be worn was as good a motivation to get me off my crutches as there could ever be. Thank you Oofos – these sandals are just the medicine this patient needed!

Oofos recovery sandals