Aqua running


Are you looking for something a little different to boost your running fitness? Perhaps you are injured, or prone to injury, and want to enjoy all the benefits of running without the impact on your legs? Maybe you are not a runner at all but want to enjoy a water-based workout? Then aqua running could be the class for you!

Aqua running is, in a nutshell, running in water. It's done in the deep end of a swimming pool, so there is no impact at all from the ground on your legs, and you wear a special flotation belt to keep you upright. You then 'run' in the water, just like you would on land. It's hard work, so best done in a structured class with a coach who can keep you motivated and help you develop good technique.

From August 2017, we've started weekly aqua running classes at Newark Sports and Fitness Centre . Each session will be a maximum of 45 minutes long, and will comprise of a warm-up, some technique work, a main activity designed to improve your fitness, and a cool-down to finish off.  Everything done in the class will help your running on dry land too!

The 4-week trial period has been a success, so these classes will now be a regular event.

£5.50 per class

Monday 9th October - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 16th October - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 30th October - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 6th November - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 13th November - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 20th November - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 27th November - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 4th December - 20.15 to 21.00

Monday 11th December - 20.15 to 21.00

If you are a new Mud and miles client, you will be sent a simple form to complete once you have paid for your first class. This is for health and safety reasons. 

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to be a good swimmer to take part? No, you don't need to be able to swim at all as you will be wearing a flotation belt. It will help, however, if you are confident in water.

What do I need to wear? A regular swimming costume is all you need. Your head will be out of the water so there is no need to wear a hat or goggles unless you particularly want to. 

Do I need to to come every week? You will gain more benefit from the class if you come on a regular basis.

Where do I get the flotation belt from? Belts will be provided. However, if you wish to buy your own so that you can use it at other times, they can easily be obtained by shopping for 'aqua running belts' online.

I am not a member of the Sports Centre. Does that matter? No, you don't need to be a member as this is a private class.  You will still be able to use the changing and showering facilities though.

Do I have to book in advance or can i just turn up on the night? Please book and pay in advance, even if it's just an hour before the class.  The sports centre staff need to know who to expect so that they can let you in!

I think my children might enjoy aqua running. Can they come too? Sorry, the class is for adults (over 18s) only.