Are you looking to take your first steps as a runner but don't feel able to join a running group? Have you been running for a while but feel that your progress has plateaued? Do you keep getting injured but don't know why? Or have you simply got a race or event planned that you are unsure how to train for?  Whether it's helping you get started on your running career, improving your running technique or keeping you on track with a plan, Mud and miles 1:1 coaching can help! 

Mud and Miles offers a range of 1:1 coaching packages to benefit all levels of runner, regardless of age or experience. We specialise in coaching for trail, mountain and fell running, and coach for road running too.  Both online and face-to-face options are available, and all of our coaching programmes are very athlete-centred, with plans and activities tailored to you, your ability, your needs and your goals.

Face-to-face coaching sessions can be arranged at venues in and around Newark, Nottingham, Lincoln and surrounding areas, at a time to suit you.

Our coaching options:

Option One:
1 hour face-to-face session

This is the option for you if you'd like some 1:1 coaching, for one or more sessions. You might already have something specific in mind that you'd like to work on (such as your hill-running technique), or maybe you'd simply like to try out our coaching before committing to a longer-term package (if you do go on to book at least 4 weeks of options 2, 3 or 4, or a package of 5 face-to-face sessions, we'll refund you the cost of this first hour). 

£35 per hour

£160 for 5 sessions

1 hour face-to-face session for two

If you'd like to share the cost with a friend, why not take advantage of our '2 for 1' offer? Come and together for an hour and pay less!

£50 per hour

£200 for 5 sessions 

Option Two:

Initial consultation and 12 week personalised training plan

This the ideal choice if you want a plan based on your current running performance, tailored to your particular goal and  you have the self-motivation to see it through without any regular coach feedback.


* SPECIAL OFFER FOR 2018 - £60 for a 16-week plan* 

For plans booked and paid for by 30.11.17 only

Option Three:

Initial consultation, personalised training plan, weekly feedback, unlimited email support and a monthly phone call

This is the perfect choice if you want a plan tailored to your ability and goals, with the added bonus of weekly feedback and the chance to ask as many questions as you like!

£60 per 4 weeks

£150 for 12 weeks

* SPECIAL OFFER FOR 2018 - £190 for 16 weeks coaching* 
For coaching booked and paid for by 30.11.17 only

Option Four:

Initial consultation, personalised training plan, unlimited email support, a weekly phone call and one 45 minute face-to-face session per month

This is a great choice if you live in the Nottinghamshire or Lincolnshire areas and want some face-to-face sessions to enhance your training, in addition to the personalised plan and email and phone support offered by the other options.

£70 per 4 weeks

£180 for 12 weeks

* SPECIAL OFFER FOR 2018 - £220 for 16-weeks coaching* 
For coaching booked and paid for by 30.11.17 only

Mud and Miles can also provide bespoke one-off or series of coached sessions to running clubs and groups. Please contact us with your requirements.

We also provide group coaching through our beginners' groups, improvers' groups, skills workshops and residential weekends, and through bespoke group programmes.

For more information on any of our coaching options, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions:

What does the 'initial consultation' involve?

The initial consultation will  be a phone call (or face-to-face meeting if you are local) to find out more about you and your running - what training you are doing and what you are training for, your current fitness levels, what time you can devote to training and so on. The more I know about you, the more bespoke your coaching and plan will be. The initial consultation normally takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

How will my training plan work?

Your plan will be written on a 4-weekly cycle, and you will receive it in advance. It will set out exactly what runs you need to do each week overall to achieve your goals, along with the details of each session. Rest and recovery time, and cross-training sessions will be included too. If you are signing up to Option Three or Option Four, you will be able to feedback your progress via email and phone each week, and the plan will be amended accordingly to take account of your progress. 

I'm not sure what I need to work on to improve my running. How do I find out?

You are welcome to book a face-to-face session even if you are not sure what it is you need to work on. We can use the session to observe you running and identify strengths and areas for improvement. I can then provide you with drills, strategies and advice for you to work on yourself, or you might want to book further sessions for some targeted coaching.

Do you use video in your face-to-face coaching?

Yes, I sometimes use video. Seeing yourself run can be a very powerful tool indeed in improving your technique.

I frequently get injured. Could working with a coach help me to run injury-free?

Yes, working with a running coach can help. I can look at your running technique and ways to improve it, and also work on your training programme to ensure that it promotes quality rest and recovery. At Mud and miles I am not a physiotherapist, though, so we may need to refer you for more specialist support if required.

1:1 Coaching